I'm an Alaskan dance fiddler and songwriter playing my music to lift your spirits; sweet and thoughtful songs ranging from silly to sad, Celtic to swing, expressing our shared experience.  A voice that smiles. 

    I come from a musical family who loved many styles of music.  Beginning classical violin at twelve, some told me that I’d never really play be able to play well because I started so late.  I proved them wrong.  In college, a very critical violin teacher made me feel like quitting, but since I loved playing the violin, I just quit lessons instead.  My musical community has been with friends who were drawn to folk music.   Over the years I evolved from being a bluegrass fiddler to playing more Celtic music, and other styles. 

   Early on, I started going to jam sessions to learn more music.  I hovered in the background, and played quietly until I was confident enough to join in. With some of those jam session friends, I came to Alaska for a vacation, and never moved back! 

   Since 1978, I've produced a radio program, for Anchorage public radio KSKA, featuring an eclectic range of music that I love to hear and to play.  You can hear Traveling Music on www.AlaskaPublic.org on Saturday nights at 8:00.  

  I love to play music that inspires people, or makes them dance.  I’ve recorded three albums, and play on a number of other Alaskan recordings.  Music has led me to adventures touring the state, and beyond, rafting the Grand Canyon with fellow musicians, playing at a fiddle camp on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, and helping incarcerated women to write lullabies for their children. I love teaching children of all ages at several music camps year after year, including Alaska City Folk Arts camp. 

Feel free to get in touch with me any time. Welcome to my website!