Fiddle Lessons

Have you always wanted to learn to play fiddle? I welcome students from fourth grade to adults, including beginners.  Playing the fiddle can bring you a lifetime of joy, friendships and adventures. With your effort, and my guidance, you'll succeed!

For twenty-one years I taught beginning orchestra in the Anchorage School District, and I've taught private lessons ever since I left college.  Sign up for a free preview!

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Let's take fifteen minutes, and talk about what style of fiddling you're interested in, what level you feel that you are (complete beginner to advanced), and what your goals are with taking fiddle lessons. I'm looking forward to talking with you.

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I've taught workshops for many years at Alaska City Folk Arts, the Anchorage Folk Festival, the Alaska Folk Festival, Alaska String Camps, Dancing Bears Dance Camp and more.  I love working with both children and adults.

Some of my favorite workshops to present:

Celtic fiddle, rounds,  and songwriting. I also have some very fun slideshow / presentations about Protest Songs (including job safety, civil rights, and war protests).  A later course shared powerful songs, love songs, tragedies and silly songs.  I have taught  courses with Ole in Anchorage (, featuring songs of peace, community, resilience and change.