Aran Boat Song An easy, and lovely, Irish waltz. 93.1 KB
Ballygar Hermitage Delightful Irish jig in G minor! 109 KB
Beare Island A traditional Irish reel, as played by Skye Kelsey. 33.8 KB
Cliffs of Moher A lively Irish jig; one of my favorites! 109 KB
Donnal Na Drue A lovely, haunting Scottish waltz. 106 KB
Fair Jenny A cheerful, traditional Irish jig. 99.2 KB
Gallagher's Frolics A lively minor jig. 84.8 KB
O'Connor's Polka An easy and lively traditional polka. 95.1 KB
Purst A Beul (mouth music) A mesmerizing traditional Scottish reel. 131 KB
Road To Lisdoonvarna An easy Irish jig; great tune for beginners. 349 KB
Rory O'Moore A traditional jig and dance. 189 KB